Warranty Plans for Chrysler Vehicles

signing Chrysler Warranty documentHow’s your vehicle’s warranty? Is it almost up? Does it offer truly comprehensive coverage, along with some bonus perks like roadside assistance and rental car usage? If not, consider purchasing an extended warranty contract through Chrysler Warranty Direct.

Chrysler Warranty Direct specializes in warranty plans for Chrysler vehicles, including Dodge, Jeep and Ram models. Check out some of the warranty options below:

  • Powertrain Care Plan – If you’re looking to cover the basics, this plan is a great choice. It offers coverage for more than 300 components, including the engine, transmission and driveline, to keep your Chrysler running in great condition. But the plan itself is far from basic, as it comes with lifetime coverage, roadside assistance, rental car allowance and more.
  • Added Care Plus Plan – Give yourself a little more buffer in case costly repairs arise with this next plan. It extends your Chrysler warranty coverage up to as much as 125,000 miles and covers over 800 components, which includes everything from the steering to the air conditioning to the suspension and beyond. Plus, the bonus roadside perks are also included.
  • Maximum Care Plan – Like the previous options, this plan comes with towing and roadside assistance, rental car allowance and trip interruption protection. On top of that, it offers coverage for more than 5,000 vehicle components up to 125,000 miles depending on the term you select. With almost all mechanical issues covered, you’ll enjoy full peace of mind.

While most new Chrysler cars, trucks, vans and SUVs come with a built-in factory warranty, they typically only last a few years with limited mileage. For example, a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty is standard. That’s why an extended Chrysler warranty can help keep your car, and your bank account, protected for longer.

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At Chrysler Warranty Direct, all of our contracts are backed by the manufacturer, so every time your vehicle is serviced, you can trust that you’re getting genuine Mopar replacement parts from technicians that know your car inside and out.

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