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Mopar Ram Warranty Plans

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A new truck is rarely an investment that’s made lightly. There are plenty of factors to consider, from the vehicle’s make and model to the features that will help separate your vehicle from the pack. But no matter which truck you choose, it’s just as essential to ensure that your vehicle has a protection plan that will help keep it running smoothly for years to come. Specializing in Mopar protection plans, Chrysler Warranty Direct is your source for extended Ram warranties.

Available Ram Warranty Plans

There are few better ways to maximize the value and ensure the wellbeing of your new Ram truck than with an extended warranty from Chrysler Warranty Direct. We provide Mopar warranties at three different levels and with various mileage and term limits, ensuring that you’re able to find a Ram warranty that meets your unique needs. Options include:

  • Powertrain Care: This extended Ram warranty is available in a lifetime term. More than 300 Ram components are covered, including key parts of your vehicle’s engine, transmission and driveline. The plan offers a host of additional benefits, including affordable deductibles, rental coverage and trip interruption protection.
  • Added Care Plus: Added Care Plus builds onto the benefits offered by the Powertrain Care Ram warranty plan, extending coverage to more than 800 Ram components. These include powertrain parts, as well as air conditioning, steering, suspension and much more. Added Care Plus also offers an increased sign-and-go towing and roadside assistance allotment of $200. The plan is available in various terms and mileage limits.
  • Maximum Care: An excellent option for the driver who’s always out and about, Maximum Care encompasses more than 5,000 components in order to provide truly comprehensive protection. All of the benefits included with Powertrain Care are included. Like Added Care Plus, this flexible Ram warranty is offered with several terms and mileage limits.

Choose a Mopar Ram Warranty

Mopar protection plans provide a valuable measure of defense against any troubles that accompany truck ownership. Plus, they’re the only Ram warranties that are backed by Chrysler – that means your vehicle will be repaired with authentic Mopar parts at Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep and Ram dealerships across the country.

Apply for a free instant quote online, or call Chrysler Warranty Direct at 888-352-6103 for more information about Ram warranty plans.