why transfer your extended warranty plan to the new owner

Aug 17, 2018

Person Handing Over Car Keys

If you’re planning to sell your current Chrysler, Dodge, RAM or Jeep vehicle, you might be wondering whether or not to perform a warranty transfer of your genuine Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan once the right buyer has come along. Here are a few reasons why it’s smart to transfer your extended warranty to the new owner when selling your car, truck or SUV.

It provides peace of mind.

Consider why some people prefer buying new vehicles over used. Oftentimes, car shoppers who purchase brand-new rides want the peace of mind that comes with factory warranties. That said, not many pre-owned vehicles are still covered under a vehicle warranty when it comes time to sell, which can scare off prospective car buyers. But with an extended warranty plan from Chrysler Warranty Direct, you can entice potential shoppers by offering a free or low-cost warranty transfer of your coverage – in most states, a transfer fee of $50 applies.

It adds value to your vehicle.

When you decide to sell your pre-owned vehicle before the expiration of the warranty contract, you may be able to get more money for your ride. Over time, the value of your car will likely decrease. Investing in an extended warranty adds another layer of value to your car, helping you sell it at a higher price tag.

It attracts more buyers.

To reiterate, most pre-owned vehicles don’t come with a factory or extended warranty. Placing an ad in the paper or online for a used car with a vehicle protection plan makes your car much more marketable, thus attracting more potential buyers. This increases your chances for selling the vehicle at the price you want. You might even be able to sell it for more than its original asking price – especially if multiple buyers are vying for it.

Mopar Extended Warranties

Most Chrysler Warranty Direct vehicle protection plans offer a one-time plan transfer – expect for the lifetime warranty. Take the steps now to make your used car more profitable in the future with an extended warranty. Get a free, instant quote today.