Identifying Cases of Legitimate Mechanical Disablement

Aug 24, 2018

Woman In Front Of A Broken-Down CarMechanical disablement, more commonly known as a vehicle breakdown, occurs when your vehicle malfunctions to the point that it’s either impossible or dangerous to drive. While breakdowns are undeniably frustrating, Chrysler Warranty Direct powertrain warranties offer roadside assistance and towing options, making it that much easier to seek automotive assistance when you need it most.

But even if you’ve selected a Chrysler warranty with these handy features, you may not be sure which issues necessitate towing or roadside assistance services. Here, we’ll explore three scenarios that require towing for your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

  1. 1. Faulty Alternator

Alternator troubles are easy enough to identify, because they present themselves as battery issues that can’t be fixed with a new battery. These problems can present themselves at any time – even when you’re driving – so it’s important to be aware of the warning signs, which can include flickering lights, dim headlights and improper gauge functioning. If these issues occur while you’re driving, remember that your battery should offer enough power to allow you to drive for a short distance. But if you’re nowhere near a mechanic, requesting roadside assistance is likely a smart move.

  1. 2. Overheating

Several factors may contribute to an engine overheating, but the issue typically stems from your vehicle’s coolant system. No matter the source of your trouble, however, it’s essential to contact a tow truck or roadside assistance and refrain from driving your vehicle farther. If you persist in driving your car in this situation, the extreme heat could deal significant damage to its motor. Pulling over and cranking up the heat may help reduce the engine’s temperature, but turning off the car altogether is the best way to minimize the negative effects of an overheating engine.

  1. 3. Broken Serpentine Belt

In most modern engines, the serpentine belt plays a fundamental role in keeping your vehicle moving forward. The belt provides power to a variety of key automotive components, from the alternator to the air conditioner. And thanks to technological advancements, most of these belts are designed to last for tens of thousands of miles to create a worry-free driving experience. But without the appropriate maintenance, your serpentine belt could eventually break, leaving your vehicle immobile and its features inoperable. If you believe you’re dealing with a broken serpentine belt, you’ll almost certainly require the services of a tow truck.

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